1. Prep and Excavation

prepexcavation.jpgAs a pool contractor, Taylor Made will begin with on-site consultation before the swimming pool building process even begins. This will be followed up with a complete and precise quote. We will work with you to determine the best layout and design. Things to consider are yard elevations, existing landscape, existing electrical and plumbing lines, set backs from your house and any property and easement lines. Once the contract has been signed, terms agreed upon, deposit received and permits obtained construction of your new swimming pool can begin.  We are pleased to offer backyard pool construction in Surrey, Langley and all of Greater Vancouver.

2. Steel Wall Assembly

steelwallassembly.jpgThe swimming pool walls are composed of steel panels and braces. Assembly and double-checking will be performed at this time. A light niche, stair opening, wall bracing, foundation pour for walls, plumbing, wall foaming and height preparation (within1/8 inch) will all be completed.

3. Pool Backfill

backfill.jpgPlumbing and piping along the swimming pool walls will be completed at this time. The space around the steel walls and bracing will be carefully filled in with road grade fill and packed to the correct consistency.

4. Pool Deck Pour

Layout and form work begins on your swimming pool decking after initial electrical lines and piping have been laid. You may have chosen a concrete deck or a paving stone deck - installations are different for each and your pool contractor will explain those installation processes. Also, consider at this point if you need water or electrical lines run under your pool deck into any planters you may have.

5. Pool Liner Install

linerinstall.jpgThe precision of the Taylor Made Pool contractor team insures the vinyl membrane that acts as the container to hold your swimming pool water installed properly - every time. A wide range of pattern choices are available. Vacuums are inserted then left in between the pool walls and the liner to remove all air - making the liner tight and crease and wrinkle-free.

6. Pool Plumbing & Electrical

Pump room plumbing and pool equipment installation takes place here. Once your pool deck is poured and liner is installed, the plumbing or filtration equipment will be installed and final wiring hook up by the electrician. If your house is under construction, have your electrician run conduit lines from where your swimming pool equipment will set outside, to your breaker panel in the house. Also, have a line run from your equipment to a wall switch inside your home to control your pool light or for computer automation.

Landscaping and walkways plus exterior features (fencing, lighting, patio furnishings, etc.) will be completed to create your backyard oasis.