Bringing the Family Together With a Backyard Pool

May 26th, 2021 |

An in-ground pool in your backyard can serve as a focal point in your outdoor design. Just like a fireplace may be the focus of an indoor room, the swimming pool will now be the focus of your yard.


Even if you do not do a massive hardscape, you will likely at least have an area for some lounge chairs and a small table and chairs by the pool. A table and some chairs with some sun and shade will invite others to sit nearby while one or more people are swimming. Others can read, play games, or just enjoy the sunshine.


More than one family member can participate in swimming laps, playing water volleyball, or doing aquacise in the pool. Others can sit nearby to keep the pool-goers company and encourage them in their pursuits. It’s a good idea anyway to have some company when you’re swimming.


There are other things that can be added to a pool to make it more enticing to others. The addition of a diving board, a slide, and/or a hot tub are all ideas that will make the swimming pool very alluring. Kids cannot resist a slide, and adults love a hot tub.

Other Activities

Near the swimming pool, you can also plan for a fire pit and/or an outdoor kitchen to add further interest and activities to the yard area.

With the addition of an in-ground swimming pool, overnight, you will become the most popular person in your family and neighborhood. There is no better pull than an in-ground pool to make your yard the place where everyone wants to be.

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