In Ground Swimming Pool Construction Surrey

At Taylor Made we specialize in start-to-finish pool construction, building each pool just the way our customers want! We pride ourselves in listening to our clients ideas and wishes. We feel our constant communication and practice of working alongside clients is a winning strategy to ultimately create their 'dream pool'. Beautifully functional and long-wearing pools and happy customers are the end result. As a pool contractor, we work in unison with builders completing the pool side of the project, getting the job done quickly and professionally. Taylor Made Pools services customers in Surrey, Langley and all of Greater Vancouver.

Hot Tub Sales and Installation

We generally meet the client to view tubs and give recommendations for suitable the most purchase. We also provide installation of above ground hot tubs as well as specialty installation of tubs to be sunken into decks or built in and around pools and tubs incorporated into the main form of the pool itself. We will also work with electricians to complete all pHases of the installation process.

Swimming Pool Equipment, Parts & Pool Repair Greater Vancouver

Taylor Made Pools also repairs both concrete and vinyl liner pool and hot tub equipment, pumps, filters, heaters, plumbing, lighting, broken piping repairs, slide and diving board replacement.

Check out our hottest selling hot tub!

The Robson is a 5-6 seat tub with lounger, a deep footwell, a large step area providing a "cool down seat" and a perfect area for children. Fitted with an Oscillating Lumbar seat, Pulsating seat, Lounger with "reflexology" foot jets and sculpted leg channels, you can see why the Robson is our most popular model. Two jet packages available, two pump or three pump options.

We also offer a specialty line called bull-frog tubs.

For Hot tub sales we start by meeting the customer at the hot tub supplier showroom. We will helping to choose the ideal hot tub for each client and specific application. At installation time the decks are prepped before the pool decks are poured. The tub is installed after decks are poured. All tubs are self contained units.

Vinyl Pool Liner replacement

As in most products, over the course of time, everything wears, including swimming pools. And though our pool liners have good warranties, many older pools deteriorate or develop leaks. When your liner needs replacing - due to wear-and-tear over time, damage from sharp objects, harsh weather conditions, chemicals, or time - we'll be there to either repair the current liner, replace with a new liner and/or repair the pool bottom under the liner (if needed).

The Liner install process: The pool is drained and inspected by Taylor Made professionals. The customer is given new liner sample booklet to choose a new liner from. After choosing a liner, the new liner is measured and the bottom surface (concrete or Zonolite) is repaired ( if needed). New gaskets and seals are put on and new liner is installed. A vacuum system is left on over night while the pool fills (or water trucks are brought in for special cases). Vacuums are removed the next day at the predetermined and marked water level height. Finally the pool is filled to normal water level and the remaining fittings are cut in. The water is treated and balanced.

Renovations & Retrofits

Taylor Made can provide customers with additional services related to pool construction. These include deck removal, trucking (removing soil off premises, etc.), site preparation, new and replacement coping installation, liner installs and replacement, as well as good pricing on a wide range of equipment to facilitate older house renovations that incorporate swimming pools, spas or saunas. We have a number of services and ideas to make your old pool look brand new - a challenge we thoroughly enjoy!

A meet and greet is done so find exactly how you are wanting to retro new with old. Decking is usually first to be removed, than old pool lines are dug up and replaced with new ones also usually thicker 2" lines for better flow. All lines are pressure tested to insure for no leaks than pool lines are Backfilled. Pool usually has to be rebounded with ground wire. New coping is installed along with foam coping form for concrete pour. Ladder, skimmer, slide, diving board, are prepped for concrete.

Decks and Walkways

Taylor Made is proud to work with skilled colleagues to provide our valued customers with full-service pool installations, including custom concrete placement, stonework, paving stones, wooden decks and decorative landscaping. Let us know your vision for your pool area, and we will make it come to fruition.