Vinyl Pool Liner Repair

Taylor Made Pools provides repairs and replacement installation for vinyl pool liners. Keeping the vinyl pool liner in optimal condition is important for maintaining the integrity of your pool. A damaged pool liner will create a host of problems.

Vinyl Liner Replacement

All vinyl pool liners will need to be replaced eventually. They typically last about 10-15 years, but they can last much longer or shorter depending on how well they age.

The biggest factors influencing the aging of your pool liner are temperature and sunlight. Sunlight, or specifically ultraviolet (UV) light is harsh on liners. You may thoroughly enjoy the sun in the summer and want as much as possible, but the vinyl liner is not as happy. That is because UV light breaks down vinyl over time.

Another factor that affects the aging process of a vinyl liner is the fit of the liner. A vinyl liner that was measured correctly and accurately fits your pool size will last longer than a liner that was “stretched” to fit. This highlights the importance of working with a professional and experienced pool installer like Taylor Made Pools. Building your pool accurately is more economical over time than cutting corners because your liner stays more durable.

Water temperature changes can also damage vinyl. Extremely hot summers and frigid cold winters with drastic changes in water temperature will quickly degrade any vinyl liner over time.

The last thing to consider is water chemistry. You want your chemistry to be stable and as unchanging as possible. Volatile water chemistry will greatly affect the liner. The more stable your chemistry is, the longer the liner will last, all other factors being equal.

Vinyl Liner Repairs

Often, a vinyl liner will need some small patch up. However, not all vinyl liners can be repaired easily. Whether or not a vinyl liner can be repaired depends on the type of damage, the location of damage, and the size of the damage. With that said, most small tears can be repaired, at least temporarily.

If you suspect that your vinyl pool liner needs repair or a replacement, contact us, and let us help you. We have over 30 years of experience building pools across the lower mainland. Call us for your free estimate.

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