The Worst Trees to Plant Near Your In-Ground Pool

September 29th, 2021 |
The Worst Trees to Plant Near Your In-Ground Pool

When you build an in-ground pool, you may be doing some landscaping at the same time and wonder what you should and should not plant near the pool. Here are our tips on trees that should not be planted near a pool and the reasons why.

Invasive Roots

Trees with invasive roots are a definite no-no. There is considerable research showing that trees can detect water in pipes, probably from the vibration, and the trees will send out roots toward these pipes in an attempt to breach them. Avoid these trees with invasive roots at all costs.

The weeping willow is probably the most famous of these, but there are others, like elms and poplars which also have invasive root systems.

Dirty Trees

By “dirty tree” we mean trees that will drop all kinds of debris in or near a pool. For example, a mulberry tree will drop a million little red fruits that can stain your hardscape as well as attract critters. Walnut and oak trees will also be shedding plenty of debris. Similarly, conifers will shed needles that will be a pain to constantly clean out of your water and filter.


Then there are other considerations. For example, don’t plant anything with thorns. You will not want your bathers brushing against or stepping on something that hurts. Examples of thorny trees and shrubs are hawthorns, honey locust, blackberries, and holly.

You may have some of these trees and shrubs that already exist in the landscape. If that’s the case, you may wish to keep them and just deal with the fall-out. Or after a few seasons, you may decide to take them down because of problems they are causing for you.

The rule of thumb is to plant trees that are small, with non-invasive root systems, and ones that don’t drop their leaves or other litter.

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