Tips to Keep Your In-Ground Pool Debris-Free This Year

June 29th, 2021 |
tips to keep inground pool debris free

The weather is getting hot and everyone is ready to get in the pool. But you will not want to be swimming around with leaves, pine cones, flowers, and critters. Here are some basic tips for keeping debris out of your pool.

Pool Cover

Use your pool cover when you are not using your pool. This not only keep debris out of the pool, but it also prevent excess evaporation which changes your pool chemistry. Also, be sure to cover the pool when you are mowing or pruning or otherwise working in the yard.

Garden Maintenance

Keep tree branches from overhanging the pool. Mid-summer may not be the best time for pruning, but most trees don’t mind a little pruning when it’s absolutely necessary. The best time to prune is when your blades are sharp.

Cut back shrubs, dead-head flowers, and do these chores with the pool covered.


If you have a lot of hardscape, concrete or stone around the pool, sweep it and keep it tidy. Whatever you do not sweep away and remove will wind up in the pool.

Pool Equipment

If you are constantly battling debris, there are different types of new technology that may help you. There are robotic pool cleaners that move around the pool by themselves, and there are floating skimmers to pick up debris.

Talk to your pool professional about all the new equipment available that will make your job easier. Also, be sure to clean your filter regularly. The filter will perform better if it kept as clean as possible all the time.

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