Top 5 Inground Pool Features You Should Consider

December 29th, 2020 |
Top 5 Inground Pool Features You Should Consider Before Building

Installing an inground pool is a big investment, and you may have been wanting one for a long time. It’s important to know what you want before you start building the pool. In this blog, we will go over with you some nice features that you may want to consider when building an inground swimming pool.

  1. Beach entry: If you want to turn your home into a tropical oasis, you must consider a beach entry. This is designed to resemble an ocean. The sloped entry attracts a lot of individuals. The beach entry gives a great spot for just relaxing near the swimming pool without immersing the entire body. You can decide to integrate a water feature into this beach entry design.
  2. Automated lighting: You should shine a light on your pool with automatic colour-changing LED lighting systems. All of your pool equipment including heating, cleaning, and filtration should be designed and installed professionally in the pool.
  3. Water features: The sound of flowing water is eye-catching and offers health benefits like relaxation and stress relief. The fascinating part about adding a water feature to the inground swimming pool is that it allows you to enjoy the pool even if you are just sitting near it.
  4. Sports and slides: Diving boards and slides bring out a competitive spirit in the family and amp up the fun level. But these things have to be considered early on because length, width, and depth are affected by their inclusion in the design.
  5. Upgraded pool covers: The smart pool covers protect your pets and your loved ones. The automatic pool cover protects your swimming pool from water evaporation loss which helps in keeping chemicals in balance and heat in the pool--where you want it.

If you are considering building a pool, let pool experts like us help you make the right decisions. It’s cheaper, faster, and more efficient to know what you want like special lighting, a diving board, or automatic pool covers before work is started, then adding them part way through the build.

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