Winter Pool Maintenance Tips for the Lower Mainland

November 28th, 2020 |
Winter Pool Maintenance Tips for the Lower Mainland

Every pool owner should be aware that failure to maintain their pool throughout the winter can prove very costly in the spring— and that time is upon us once again. Though we may have a warmer winter than the rest of Canada, our wet climate presents challenges of its own. Heavy Lower Mainland rains throughout the winter months can raise the water level in your pool and throw off the pH balance.

Maintain Chemical Levels

Acidic rain can lower the alkalinity of your pool, which will cause the water to eat away at parts and liners. The most important winter tip is to monitor the pH level and make adjustments as necessary.

Keep It Clean

You should give your pool one thorough cleaning before winter, then keep an eye on it throughout. Dissolved minerals and lowered pH from rainwater can cause scale and discoloration if left unchecked.

Use Stain Preventer

A stain preventer agent, added as part of the winterization process, can save you some serious scrubbing come springtime. It can also save your pool from potentially permanent staining.

Adjust Water Levels

Depending on how you’ve winterized your pool, a higher water level could be damaging if it reaches the skimmer. Adjust your pool levels accordingly.

Dry Out The Lines

If you’ve opted for a dry winterization, do periodic checks to ensure that water is not collecting where it should not be. If the temperature drops, small amounts of water can easily freeze and damage pipes, pumps, and other parts.

Don’t wait to find out the hard way; when it comes to your pool, prevention and maintenance are key!

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