Choosing a Pool Contractor in Greater Vancouver

A swimming pool is a large project and substantial investment. Care should be taken when hiring a contractor. A little research up front can save a lot of headaches down the road, and assure you a better fit with the pool experts you choose. Here are a few considerations to make your job easier.

1. Experience

Ask how long the pool builder has been in business. Meet the owner and/or manager. The better and often more reputable companies will come to your property to do an onsite consultation. They will ask a number of questions you may not have even considered.

2. Make sure you receive two or more quotations.

Building a swimming pool is a specialized process. You'll want a company with plenty of experience and a good body of work. Read the fine print in the quotation and do a comparison of the bids you receive. Telephone conversations or meeting face-to-face can also help you get a feel for the people you will be dealing with. Make sure they actually come to your home to give you the quote. Ensure that the estimates are for the same design and materials so you compare apples to apples.

3. Request Customer Testimonials

Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool. The good pool companies, like other trades know that they live and die on great quality and service - they know that a sterling reputation is everything. The companies that receive numerous referrals are good choices. Ask for some references names and pHone numbers to find out how the process went for satisfied customers. Ask how problems were handled and how their customer service was.

4. Make sure they are licensed and insured

When choosing a pool builder, make sure they are insured and licensed, and acquire the proper permits for whatever municipality you live in.

5. Set up project milestones and payment a schedule

Building an in ground pool involves a team of specialized workers: contractors, plumbers, electricians and more. Discuss and finalize payment schedules so the construction project is not delayed. Only make the final payment when the pool is 100% finished and you're totally satisfied with the work.

6. Keep all of your documents and receipts

If a dispute arises in the future, your receipts and documents will be required as proof of payment. Much of the equipment will have accompanying Warranties and manuals. Keep these with your receipts in a safe place. Good luck with your pool. We think we will be a great option, but we are confident we stack up with the other companies. Hopefully we'll hear from you soon!